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When examining a beautiful period home, you would be blown away by the amount of detailing and profundity that went into its construction. The kitchen would include a harmonious theme, with clean counters and colourful cabinets. The living room would be artfully organised; intricately carved furniture would proclaim opulence and taste the likes of which is rarely seen. The exterior would be no different. In things as seemingly mundane as the garage door, you would be able to see the clear effort that was put into the choosing of each aspect. 

Do you want others to think this about your home too? It is possible. And if you are careful in making your choices, you wouldn’t even have to spend as much as you think to make it happen. You can start with your garage door. Opt for one with an exquisite design. Optimise for longevity. Do not spend your time looking for aesthetics only, but take your time solely because you want to cop the best of the best. In this article, we will give you a few tips to follow when you are in the market for a garage door. Follow these tips, and you will definitely get the best one for you. 

  1. Hire a professional to help with the installation

DIY projects are fun, even when you have no experience with the subject at hand. At the end of the day, you save money, you end up with more experience than you started, and you get the satisfaction of seeing a job well done in your garage. After all, everyone says if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. But then is that actually good advice always?

When installing your garage door, it’s best to hire a professional to do it. Why? There is so much to lose if you even make the tiniest mistake while doing it. At best, you still would have to call the garage door professional to fix or adjust what you’ve done. At worst, you might get injured. This isn’t an attempt at alarming you. You have to recognise that garage doors have springs that have to all go in the right places and high-tension wires that have to be coiled just right for them to be harmless. It’s also really complex work that is time-intensive; it usually takes up to a day to finish. If you must gain some experience for yourself, you have the option to watch the professional closely while they do it so you can try your hand at it when next you have an installation (this is if you must DIY, though).

  1. Try to avoid wooden doors as much as you can

We’ve advertised wooden doors so often, so we understand that this might come as a shock to you. Don’t get us wrong; wooden garage doors are awesome; they look very beautiful, they are quite sturdy – especially when gotten from high-quality wood suppliers, and they can be shaped easily into anything you want. When you think about intricately carved garage doors, chances are that you are thinking about a wooden door sculpted to perfection by an artist. 

The problem is, these doors mostly only look awesome when they are new. Unlike aluminium or fibreglass, the longevity of a wooden door is determined largely by how much time, money and effort you put into maintaining it and keeping it in tip-top shape. Various factors are against you. Firstly, you would have to deal with pests that feed on wood. You would have to cover your door so that rain and other weather conditions do not weaken it. Even if you use finishes to coat the wood, you would still need to recoat as the years go by. In themselves, they are already expensive enough during the initial purchase process. There are benefits, though; your wooden door wouldn’t expand or contract in reaction to the weather. It’s also a great aesthetic to opt for. Other than that, getting wooden doors isn’t really advisable for anyone. 

  1. Before you buy, make sure you measure up to the task

Many people buy their garage doors online. You can too. However, before you seal the deal, it is always advisable to measure your door spacing. Before you pick anyone in particular, invite personnel from the shop to take a look at your doors. After they’ve done this, you could discuss more things about your choices with them. These may include the design choice of the door, whether or not you are going to incorporate security cameras or alarm systems, how you intend to insulate against the cold, etc. When all is said and done, you will be able to get the garage door of your dreams – and it’ll all be thanks to professional input. 

  1. Speaking of insulation…

There are many benefits to consider if you choose to insulate your garage door. For one, your home would be much warmer during cool weather, and you would be able to save more electricity that would have been used to heat the place. Aside from the fact that it’s an economical choice, you also would want more comfort in your own home. 

When going for insulated doors, keep in mind that polyurethane doors are far better than polystyrene. 

  1. Make sure your garage door openers are in tune with the door

If you are replacing your garage door rather than buying a new one, you might feel that there is no need to buy any other thing apart from the door. You would be wrong to think this, of course. It is advisable that you replace your garage door accessories alongside your door itself. Take, for example, your garage door opener. It isn’t an immortal part of your door that you could keep for ages; even the electrical parts of your door are prone to getting faults. Replacing it when you are getting a new garage door would even make things easier. The person who helps you to fix your door would help you fix the opener too, and you can agree on a package deal. This would help you save more. 

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