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An emergency key release lets you manually open or lift the garage door from the outside when you can’t use the remote, such as during a power failure or outage.Garage Door Key Release
The emergency key release is great if you don’t have other ways of getting into the garage other than through the garage door.

How does it work?

The emergency keyplate kit contains the following:

  • Keyplate and key barrel/cylinder
  • 1 rope or cable
  • 2 keys

The keyplate is normally mounted flush at the top of the garage door above eye level.
The rope or cable is attached to the back of the keylock at one end, and to the disengagement handle of the garage door opener.
When the door needs to be manually opened during an emergency, you just turn the key, which pulls the lock cylinder out of the barrel.
This pulls on the rope/cable to disengage the opener, which in turn opens the garage door manually.

Benefits of an emergency garage door release

  • Gives you manual access when the garage remote won’t work, as in the case of a power failure
  • Suitable for fitting into sectional and tilting garage doors.

If an emergency garage door release is on your mind, best to contact us at Purple Patch Doors on 07 3041 4911 for a quote and we’ll get it installed for you.