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Evict your car! Your garage isn’t merely a place for housing vehicles. It can actually be used for a number of reasons. Whether you want to turn it into a place for relaxation, beer-swilling, or as a place to work on your next big project, try parking your car outside and reap the benefits associated with utilising this untapped and frequently overlooked resource – the humble garage.

Goodbye garage, here are some great and realistic ways to turn it into a fabulous space:

1. Man Cave

Pizza, beer, armchairs and a pool table – enough said.

Well, you could install a toilet and sink so you no longer need to venture back inside to go to the bathroom? Just be wary of the price; what starts off sounding like an awesome idea can often turn into a financial nightmare that ends up costing a lot more than you expected (not including sporting memorabilia).

2. Starting a Rock Band

Dust off your old guitar, buy a new drum set and invite your mates around – start a rock band! This is a great idea to not only have fun and reminisce of the good old days, your kids could use it for band practice. If you wanted to be nice to your neighbours, you could sound-proof the garage. They don’t know what they’re missing out on though, do they?

3. Home Gym

So the wife has turned down your idea of turning the garage into a man cave, and she says you suck at guitar. She thinks you eat too much pizza and drink too much beer, so now she wants you to turn it into a home gym. Well, why not work out together? The garage is a great space for a home gym. Get some weights, maybe a treadmill or a cross-trainer as well, and you no longer have to drive to the gym for a workout.

4. Storage

Not the most exciting idea, but it’s a great way to reduce clutter – and that in itself if useful and helpful. All of those things taking up valuable space inside your house can be chucked into the garage (at least until you can be bothered to throw it all out!). People have the tendency to hold on to possessions they don’t really need; the result is a messy house with crap everywhere! Put it all in the garage instead.

5. Turn it into anything you wish!

The benefits of having an extra room are seemingly endless. You can turn the garage into a guest room, home theatre, home office, kids rumpus, or a place to store your mother-in-law when she comes to visit!

Do you have any unusual uses for a garage that is worth sharing with us? Tell us on our Facebook page.

For now though, if you want to buy a new garage door , or find out more about garage installation or replacement, get in touch with Purple Patch Doors on (07) 3041 4921 and speak with Mick who really knows his stuff.


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