When it comes to an attractive exterior for your home, a garage can make or break your look. Ugly garage doors might scare people away, but you don’t want to sacrifice space for style. After all, one of the biggest features of any garage is their space saving capacity. One garage door option that is attractive, functional and gives you more space than your standard option is a sectional door. Sectional garage doors are made up of several panels that slide upwards. They are a great option for any garage, but just like anything else, sectional doors need servicing to keep them in great shape.

So what does it take to service and repair a sectional door and what should you look out for when you’re searching for a professional? To make your search for an expert service even easier, here are the ins and outs of sectional door services laid out in 6 easy steps.

6 Steps to Superior Sectional Door Servicing
Check the Fixings
A collapsing garage door can be dangerous for your family, your possessions and even the door itself. It’s a fast and expensive way to force you into repairs! That’s why a garage door specialist will check all the fixings and perform any necessary repairs when examining your sectional door. This will help to prevent potential collapses in the future.

Examine the Spring Tension
An expert will examine the spring tension in your sectional door and ensure that your springs are balanced correctly.

Keep an Eye on Moving Parts
Moving parts are one of the most important factors of your sectional door. Sectional door servicers will ensure that moving parts like springs, hinges and wheels aren’t broken or worn. Broken parts will be replaced at an additional cost.

Keeping Everything on Track
Your sectional door will be kept on the right track by ensuring the tracks to your door are straight and that the door is level.

Keep Moving Parts Moving!
The thing about moving parts is that they need to keep moving. A sectional door service will make sure that your moving parts are well lubricated for a squeak-free and smooth operation.

Keep Your Motor Running
If your sectional door is motorised then your service will cover that too! Your professional will reset the sensitivity for smoother operation, and check and adjust the motor limits of travel so it knows when to stop moving.

When you need your garage door checked or serviced in Brisbane then choose a team who fill follow these 6 steps. Contact the professionals at Purple Patch Doors on 07 3277 6892 for a quote. If you’re looking to purchase garage doors or accessories, explore our great range of doors , replacements remotes and colourful brochures .


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