5 Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

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Your garage door is a door that not only provides security but it is also a door that is seen from the street by all who pass by. If you have been considering replacing your garage door, is can be a difficult decision to make. The type of door you want to use, the colour of it and the functionality. How do you know when to replace it? Is there a certain time frame? Or are there other reasons to replace it? Here are 5 reasons to replace your garage door.

1. Noise control

Have you noticed that your older garage door is starting to make a lot of noise? Manual or older electronic doors can start to make a lot of noise the older that they get. If you are needing to open and close your door early in the morning or late at night, this can become a problem. Not only is it noisy for you, but your neighbours may not appreciate it either. By replacing it, you can have a simple and noise free system that everyone will thank you for.

2. Lack of security

Over the years, materials have changed and the way that garage doors are made has improved. This means that older doors may be made out of materials that aren’t as secure. A lack of security is definitely a concern and one that you do not want to have.

By replacing your doors you are able to choose one that provides a higher level of security to prevent theft and break ins. With a large variety of doors on the market, your security will not be compromised. 

3. Lack of features

Are you still having to manually open your garage door? Or do you have an older style door that doesn’t come with upgraded safety features? With the newer doors on the market, there are lots of different safety features that you can have included. 

Things such as pinch free designs to avoid fingers getting caught are a popular choice for those with growing families.

Another feature that is good to have with your garage door is one that has a reversing safety mechanism. This feature will stop the door from continuing to lower if it is obstructed. If there is an object, car or person that is in the way, the sensor will pick this up and stop the lowering. 

4. Age and maintenance

As your garage door ages, it may start to need more and more repairs. With more repairs being needed, it may end up cheaper in the long run to replace the door rather than continuing to pay for repairs. 

With age, you may start to see problems with the electronics and the mechanisms working. There is no guarantee that after you fix one thing, that another thing won’t go wrong. This can become very expensive if you are having to continually book in for repairs and new parts for your door. 

5. Aesthetics

With your garage door normally being seen from the front of your home, the aesthetics is also something you need to think about. If you have recently painted your home or renovated it, the existing garage door may not suit the new look. 

By upgrading your garage door not only will it look nicer and fit in with the new look of your home, but it can also increase the value of the home. A higher security door, that looks new and stylish can help to add value to your home if you are looking to sell in the near future. 

There are many different designs and colours on the market and you will be able to find one that suits the look and feel of your home without concerns. 

Garage doors are a big part of your home. They provide security to both your home and the garage. 

If you are wanting to increase the security and value to your home, a new garage door may be just what you are looking for. 

At Purple Patch Doors we understand the need for a garage door that will serve your needs. We are Brisbane’s most trusted garage door repair and replacement specialists. Whether you are looking for a replacement door or repairs to an existing door system, we are here to help.


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