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Garages are great! They keep our cars safe and secure, whatever the weather and they can add plenty of value to our homes. A garage can be storage space, a place for your car, or even a man cave if you want to get creative! Add an automatic door to your garage and you can throw convenience into the large list of things a garage offers. In the click of a button you can enhance your security and your privacy but what do you do when your garage won’t budge? If your garage door is stuck open the integrity of your home is automatically compromised but don’t despair! There are a range of factors that prevent a garage door from closing and most of them are easily identifiable and fixable. To restore convenience to your world here are 5 reasons your garage door isn’t closing and how to find them!

You’ve Got the Power!
What’s the first thing you do if your kettle won’t boil, your lights won’t switch, or your television won’t turn on? I don’t know about you, but I would probably check the power. Sometimes the most obvious solution to your problems is also the correct one and the same thing applies when it comes to garages. If your automated garage door won’t close check the electricity around your home. If you head to your switchboard only to find that your power is out then you’ve solved your garage problem. If you’re trying to use your remote to close your garage door check its batteries too.

Keep it Clear and Let it Close
Garages are a great storage space but if you let your clutter get out of control you can expect some door troubles. Sometimes your garage door won’t close because there’s something in the way of the closing mechanism. It could be a broom, a stray storage box or even your car that’s keeping the garage door open. If you think this might be the case have a look around your garage and move anything that might be too close to the door. If your problem resolves itself you might want to think about doing some spring cleaning!

Motor vs Man Power
Another common solution to your garage door dilemma can literally be resolved in the flick of a switch. Automatic garage doors have a safety feature that lets you open and close the door manually in the case of a power outage. You can usually engage and disengage your motor by pulling at a handle located near your motor. If your garage door won’t close it might be because it has been moved over to manual mode. Simply check your motor and flick it back if necessary.

Off the Rails
To open and close, your garage door runs on tracks so it just makes sense that a problem on the tracks might mean a problem for you! Warped, clogged or loose tracks can all be the cause of a stuck garage door and if your garage door partially closes this might be your problem. If the sensors inside your garage flicker and your door screeches to a halt this means your tracks are warped and will need cleaning to realign. If there are any loose fittings on your tracks they might be the cause of your problems too.

I Sense a Solution
If your infrared sensors aren’t working like they should then you’ll probably find yourself with a stuck garage door. If your sensors are blinking this is a sign that they are misaligned. Check their positioning and try again. Your sensors might also just be dirty and with a good clean they will be able to talk to each other and tell your garage door to close.

If your garage door is still stuck open then contact the expert garage team at Purple Patch Doors in Brisbane. Call 07 3277 6892 for a quote and speedy garage door repairs and replacements. If you’re shopping for a garage door check out our garage door range , replacement remotes and colourful brochures .


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